Some Electrical Hazards That You Should Look Out For In Your Home

We live in technologically advanced time. We have become a civilization that has tamed electrons to do our bidding for us. But, with the gift of science that is harnessing electricity, there come many risks to our safety with it. And, after all, we are surrounded by electronics in our homes, workplaces and almost everywhere in between; even our cars have made the leap to electric energy. However, we don’t intend to set a scary tone – electricity has made our lives so much better, really. All the safety hazards that come with it can be averted with common sense, some scientific knowledge, and caution.

Electrical hazards

So, here is a small list of some common electrical hazards that you should be wary of:

1.      Frayed appliance or extension cords

2.      Damaged electrical appliances

Hazard 1: Bad quality wiring in your power grid

Wires that are damaged, worn out, cracked open or corroded with rust always run the risk of causing an electrical fire. The wiring in your power grid can become damaged for a lot of different reasons like overheating, aging, rusting, chewed off by rats, etc. The insulation around your wires can also get cracked or pierced – exposing the wires naked.

Hazard 2: Faulty circuits in the system

Hazard 3: Loose power sockets

Hazard 4: Power outlets that are too close to water or any other such liquid

Electricity and water is never a good idea. Water is a good conductor of electricity. As such, power outlets that are near a water source increase the risk of you receiving an electric shock if any water spills on the outlet by accident.

Hazard 5: Operating electronics with wet hands

Hazard 6: Trying to put out electrical fires with water

Important note: Be very, very careful never to do this, ever, even by any accident or mistake because water only fuels electrical fires. You should only use a proper fire extinguisher to put out electrical fires and if the fire seems too out of control – call the firefighters immediately.

Hazard 7: Not childproofing your home if you have small children

Children are very curious about everything – more so than adults. They will poke their fingers in electrical outlets and that is just super dangerous. So, if you are a parent – please, consider childproofing your home for the safety of your children.

When in doubt – call an electrician

Remember, if you ever see a potential electric hazard in your home (or workplace) that you don’t understand how to properly deal with – call an electrician Orlando. Don’t try to do risky things yourself.