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Interior Design

Statement Ceiling

Extremely dramatic and at the same time romantic, the statement ceilings can be slick and very personal. Choose from a variety of options for the simplicity of a wallpaper to glorious wallpaper. The thing to consider is that it doesn’t cut your upholstery and just compliment it. Choose designs that give the impression of a more spacious dimension. Mural ceilings can transform a space even if it is difficult to pull right.


Nothing strikes an optimal interior chief like marble. Modern interior design concepts include the use of marble in the most innovative ways. In addition to the use of marble on your walls and floor, you can add a dash of elegance by using unusual places like fireplaces or in your furnishings. A marble top on your metallic or dark wood furniture will create the right amount of color to open it. Marble pillars can also be used to describe spaces to allow free flow of energy and decoration.

Interior Design Ideas

Rich pigment

You want your guests and friends to feel welcomed and at ease, so neutral may seem like a safe option. But there is one thing that is very neutral, especially when it comes to the interior. Your home should reflect your personality and mood. Moody interiors are more popular than ever with the brooding colors of rich, navy, purple and striking emeralds. Both the furniture pieces and the mood on the walls predominate over exquisitely polite neutrality.

Metallic accents

Metallic accents can add a dash of style and richness to your decor. Be it warm tones like brass and bronze or cool tones like silver and platinum, you can decorate your interior with just a few statement pieces. Harmonious, metallic accents with a variety of styles carry cleanliness and sophistication.